Colour Options

Also known as ‘Spot Colours’. The inks we use are 'Pantone Solid Coated'. For accurate print colours Pantone Spot Colours must be specified, preferably in the artwork file itself. Please note that Pantone inks are slightly translucent when printed. When printed on a colour other that white, be aware that the colour can sometimes change dramatically, especially when printing on darker colours like black. The only ink colours with complete opacity are BLACK SILVER or GOLD.

The Pantone charts below are a small sample of Pantone colours and their references. If you need to specify a colour for something but only know you want pink one, then we recommend you use these colour charts to find the closest match you can and then tell us the reference number. This allows us to get as exact a match as possible. Our team will prepare a completely free, no obligation visual to help you picture your product with your logo.

** Please note: the following colour chart is for guidance purposes only. Colour settings will vary from one screen to another, and will not necessarily be a true reflection of printed results. **

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